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I tried yoga for the first time last week. It was not exactly what I was expecting. Although, after it was over I wondered what it was I actually was expecting. I joined the beginner class because it was starting a new group of sessions for January to March. I thought that since it was the first class in a beginner time slot, and that since I had never done any yoga previously, it was the class where I should begin my yoga life.

I knew that I was in for something entirely less challenging than I was hoping for when I realized that everyone else in the class were at least 20 years my senior. In an hour, I think we did 4 poses. The rest of the class was breathing. I wanted a challenge for my body and to be able to do some stretching and toning. But instead my greatest challenge was trying to quiet my mind and just meditate.

I'm definitely going to give yoga a second chance but I think I'll be moving on up to level 2 first.

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