Well Rested

Posted by Alicia On Monday, February 27, 2012 0 comments

My lovely nights of sleeping have returned. It might have been a growth spurt or it may have just been a fluke, but Kieran is sleeping through the night again. I'm not going to assume that it will stay this way but as long as it is here, I'm appreciating it to the fullest!

One of my main concerns about having a baby in the winter was being stuck in the house for months. I had visions of a crying baby waiting for me to shovel the driveway so that I can put him in the car to go places. I thought that the only time I could walk around with him would be inside of a mall. Luckily for me (and possibly unlucky for the Earth), we have had a very mild winter. It has even been so warm some days that I've been able to get out for walks with Kieran.

My first walk with him was in mid-December when he was just 2 weeks old. It was so warm out that I didn't even need a toque! I started the walks by going just around the block. But as I got more confident in my abilities to calm a baby I ventured farther and farther away, taking nice long walks. I can't wait until the really nice weather in spring hits so that I can strap on the Baby Bjorn and hit some hiking trails with the little man.


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You will never appreciate sleep until it is taken away from you suddenly and violently. Okay, I don't know how it was violently taken away but it was definitely here one day and gone the next. Just when I was completely fine with the lack of sleep and I had forgotten what it was like to get more than a couple hours at a time, the boy starts sleeping 6-7 hours at a time. He was sleeping through the night! AMAZING! SO AMAZING! It was glorious. The return of my sleep at night and the day time was not needed for naps. I could actually do things while they boy napped during the day. My life was returning to something entirely normal. And just like that, it ended.

This week he started waking every 2 hours. I'm hoping it's a growth spurt. It was cruel to give me a taste of that lovely sleep for so long to just take it away. But, once I get used to this new sleep routine again, I'll stop being annoyed with this guy.

I still love the little jerk.

Look Alike

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Kieran looks so much like his dad it's uncanny. It's kind of like having Sean around with me all day, but miniature and needing diapers changed.