Cabin Fever Meet Global Warming

Posted by Alicia On Monday, February 27, 2012 0 comments

One of my main concerns about having a baby in the winter was being stuck in the house for months. I had visions of a crying baby waiting for me to shovel the driveway so that I can put him in the car to go places. I thought that the only time I could walk around with him would be inside of a mall. Luckily for me (and possibly unlucky for the Earth), we have had a very mild winter. It has even been so warm some days that I've been able to get out for walks with Kieran.

My first walk with him was in mid-December when he was just 2 weeks old. It was so warm out that I didn't even need a toque! I started the walks by going just around the block. But as I got more confident in my abilities to calm a baby I ventured farther and farther away, taking nice long walks. I can't wait until the really nice weather in spring hits so that I can strap on the Baby Bjorn and hit some hiking trails with the little man.

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